Collapse of the Soviet Union

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The Soviet Union began in 1922, and finally collapsed in 1991. There were many reasons that the Soviet Union fell; economic and politic failure.
The causes of the fall of the Soviet Union were primarily because of economic and political failure, and also a result of the war.
The cause of the economic failure is because of the loss of the space race against the West. As the United States was able to gain money and wealth from the imperialist exploitation of the other countries, the communists only lost economic wealth from the race against the States. By the end of the Soviet’s rein the consumers started to use their own exports to gain recourses, which also put them in a rut. The resources started running out, and that lead to horrible failures in USSR’s economy. The fell in more of a hole because they were at war in Afghanistan, and they were sending valuable resources on the army, and supplying them with things that they could’ve used back in the homeland; because the union was sending so many things out of the country, they weren’t able to regain their resources, in which put them on the road to collapse.
In 1991 the USSR collapsed, and even though people tried to bring it back into power, the Soviet Union was forever fallen.
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The collapse didn't suddenly happen, but it occurred over a period of about six years. It started after 1985 when Mikhail Gorbachev ascended into power. Gorbachev became the secretary of the Communist Party and began working on the arms control initiative; which was the control over nuclear arms in this time. In 1986 Mikhail removed the government’s involvement in the Soviet’s satellites, which meant no more money going into the Union’s space exploration. Then after this began, the oil production drops below half in 1887 and never rises to where it was before, for the rest of the Union’s existence. In 1989 The Soviet pulls out their troops that they had in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War which started in 1979. Also in 1889, the Berlin Wall falls and so does the communist rulers in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Rumania. Slowly the communist power in Eastern Europe starts to fall, including in East Germany when the communist party looses the re-election in 1990 and East Germany re-unites with Western Germany. Also in 1990 the Soviet Union passes a law allowing the republics to break away, Boris Yeltsin the Russian president breaks away from the Union becoming its own free country away from the USSR. The Soviet Union loses its biggest territory, and begins to decline fast. Trying to regain control over Russia, and preventing the USSR from collapsing, a coup of military hardliners attempt to take over Moscow, but fail and are eventually arrested. In 1991 the USSR is officially dissolved, and form the Commonwealth of Independent States with Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.
In only six years the USSR, which lasted for 69 years collapsed finally in 1991. Mikhail Gorbachev was the last to rule the Soviet Union, and
Title: Collapse of the Soviet Union (Visual)
Title: Collapse of the Soviet Union (Visual)

the one that made it fall. Today they Soviet Union is no more, just a chapter in history, a Union of several countries that we will only see in our history books

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