Emperor Shi Haungdi (259-210 b.c.e.)

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Birth and Early Years of his Empire

Shi Haungdi was born under the name of Ying zheng in 259b.c.e. he claimed himself to be the first emperor (Shi haungdi, meaning first emperor). Haungdi was a cruel ruler who killed or arrested anyone who spoke out against him. He burned almost all of the bokos taht mgith fo against his reign in 213; and he banned scholars to talk about the past rulers, and laws. The Emperor also had around 460 scholars burned alive in 212 for disagreeing with him, and more than 700 more stoned to death. From then on, the only approved school thought was legalism; to follow the Emperor's law or face the consequences (which were more likey death).

The Qin Empire

Under his rule, he was able to unify China from the seven states that it was left in after the fall of the Zhou Dynasty. Each of the Seven states were lead by kings, but after an attempt of taking Shi Haundi's life; he attacked the other states to take them under his rule. By 221 b.c.e. Shi Haungdi became the Emperor of a united China.

The Great Wall Of China

While in rule of the Qin dynasty Shi Haungdi connected and extended the old fortification walls along the north of china; forming the great wall of china to gueard against invaders in the north, Also, he standardized Chinese writing, bureaucracy, scholarship, law, currency, and created and national census. He built the capitol the capitol inXian, and a system of roads.
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Throughout his rule over china, he expanded the borders of the country south so that it covered today's Vietnam.