The Byzantine Empire also known as (Byzantium) was located in western Asia and southeastern Europe. Constantinople(present-day Istanbul) became the Romans captial “New Rome” was represented as weath with the many magnicifent buildings and churches. Constantinople was built around a city known as Byzantium which soon after, Eastern emperors took control of the metropolis. The Empire being located between the Black Sea and the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea it created great trade producing wealth to Constantinople.

Hagia Sophia
The Hagia Sophia is an important monemunt to both the ottoman and the byzantine empire. It was once used as a church, but latrer on converted into a mosque. Today it is a museum in the Turckish Republic. The city of Instanbul has been controled by many civilizations, but the Ottaman and Byzantine Empires were the most famous. The Hagia Sophia is know as one the most significant buildings in the world. The creator of the Hagia Sophia was Constantine The Great.


After the Byzantine Empire split off from the Roman Empire, the became orthodox beacause the Roman church was trying to control them. The christians were never fully united because the Roman Empire’s eastern orthodox church didn’t represent christianity. The Byzantium’s political system was similar to early china’s by which their God would choose the ruler. Who the ruler is head of the church as well as the state. Due to Womens status in the Byzantine empire it was rare but acceptable in some situations for women to hold the imperial throne. Bueaucrats in all social classes could all be recruited to the Byzantine Empire. In contrast China had aristocrats predominate but the highly educated elites could as well control authority. All Bureaucrats were specialized into various roles and offices. For one was the Autocracy which was a form of government where one person has supreme power within the state.

He was the last emperor to try to return the Rome into the great empire it was in the first century, with the help of his wife Therdoa and assistants he made part of the Western civilization what it is today. he wouldnt have had been has sucsesful if he didnt strike luck with the earth quakes in 520-530 allowing him to make urban changes through out the empire. he stregthned the walls of constinople and built the church of wisom wich is a archetectual feat the dome on top has a base of 40 windows. justinian was also a political and a goverment leader writing the "code of justinian"