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Early Life

Augustus Caesar was born in Rome, Italia. His name at birth was Gaius Octavius Thurnius. His father Gaius Octavius was the governor of Macedonia and his mother Atia was the neice of Julius Caesar. At the age of 4 his father died and his mother married the governor of Syria Lucius Marcius Philipius, who claimed to be a decendent of Alexander the Great. Lucius was elected into consul in 56 BC (Consul was the highest elected office in the Roman Republic), because of this Octavius was raised by his grandmother Julia Caesaris who was the sister of Julius Caesar. In 46 BC Caesar's mother let him to join Julius in Spain. Wher he planed to fight against Pompey. Octavius became ill and couldn't travel. When he got better he sailed to the front lines. Where his ship was sunk. Octavius and his companions crossed hostile territory to make it to Julius's camp. This impressed his great-uncle, who when back in Rome got a new will which named Octavius the beneficiary.

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Second Triumvirate

After Julius Casars assassination in 44 BC Octavius teamed up with Mark Antony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus in 43 BC to form a military dictatorship called the "Second Triumvirate". Mark Antony and Octavian sent 28 legions to Greece to battle Brutus and Cassius who both committed suicide upon defeat. After the Second Triumvirate collapsed Lepidus was driven to exile and Mark Antony commited suicide after Augustus Caesar and Agrippa defeated him at the Battle of Actium.

Rise of the Empire

After Octavian and Agrippa defeated Cleopatra and Antony the returned to Rome and were elected into dual consul. on January 27 BC the Senate granted him the name Augustus.

Wars and Conquests

Death and Legacy

He was adopted by his Great uncle Gaius Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The Senate then granted him the name Augustus meaning "revered one" making his name now Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus.