Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution is known as the turning point of hunting and gathering to the use of agriculture. As agriculture began to spread, so did the development of urban cities. The Neolithic Revolution was an important event in history because it changed the way of life, trade, and other things considered to be a civilization.

Pastoral and Agrarian Societies:

Pastoral societies, otherwise known as the “Herding Societies”, are thought of as the domestication of animals. This society is mainly small in population, with an average of 72. Pastoral societies were dominated by male work (Patriarchal). Slavery was very important during this time.

The Agrarian societies introduced new technologies. The new technology discovered transformed the conditions of life for societies in the Middle East, and eventually for societies throughout the world. As the societies expanded, so did the social communication. The invention of the wheel and its application both to wagons and to the manufacture of pottery, the invention of the plow, the harnessing of animals to pull wagons and plows and their use as pack animals, the harnessing of wind power for sailboats, the invention of writing and numerical notation and invention of the calendar were significant through these societies.

Trade and Transportation:

Trade began to increase as the technologies increased. The civilizations developed around the Fertile Crescent, which made it easy to be in contact with others. The first towns that were developed were served as the trade center. Wheeled vehicles allowed transport for further trade. The potter’s wheel was and innovation that allowed more construction on clay vessels and more advanced art work. Many tools were advanced to work with their food source.


Before the Neolithic Revolution, the male in the family was the main power. After, the civilization would pick a chief to be ahead of the council. Since there was more advanced economy, transportation, and trade it only makes sense that there would be a change in the government.

First Civilizations:

Catal Huyuk and Jericho were the first Neolithic civilizations. They both were settled in 7000 BC. Catal Huyuk was located in Turkey. The people believed in the Mother Goddess who controlled the crop fields. Also weaving was present in the civilization. As for the Jericho civilization, it was located in Israel. The economy was based almost entirely on wheat and barley. The civilization was ruled by a distinct and powerful group, which was allied with the keepers of the shrine.

Catal Huyuk Civilization
Catal Huyuk Civilization

Jericho Civilization
Jericho Civilization

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